How to Photograph a Memory of Your Kids for Life

We are all parents, and we are taking pictures of our kids like crazy, but how can we take it to the next level, and create something for life?

Some of the best photographers deal with the same question, and people around the world keep trying to create new exciting ways of taking a pic that lasts forever 🙂

We created Vikido exactly as we wanted to capture those moments and save them forever while our kids are in the loop..
Today I want to offer something (not) new – Typology!

By its dictionary definition, Typology is something that repeats itself or is a way of arranging things, classification by color, race, look etc

In photography, it means capturing one or more subjects, and going back to see them again and again, checking how time, seasons of the year and life affects them – sounds familiar? Kids are classic objects for this kind of dynamics…

Personally – I take a pic of my girls every morning (almost…), for example – when we’re out for school. I am a serial-elevator-photographer, trying to find other options of holding them as they grow, to help myself remember, help myself see how fast things change, how quick and brief life is…

Enough said, now for the fun part – some examples and ideas.

Let’s start with some cultural milestones:

Smoke (1995) by Paul Auster (IMDB)

A Brooklyn smoke shop is center of neighborhood activity – the owner has an unusual habit: every morning, at the same time of the day, he photographs the same street corner, and puts the pictures together in a series of albums.

The Brown Sisters Project
In 1975 Nicholas Nixon started photographing his wife Bebe and her three sisters every year, once a year. Always in the same order; Heather, Mimi, Bebe, Laurie.

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