Guess what! Photography

We have some great news! PhotoJourney Workshops is now part of the Professional Photographers of America approved educational events. That means, if you’re a PPA member, you will earn a MERIT for attending PhotoJourney Workshops in Rome & Tuscany. This is HUGE!

The service merit that you’ll earn is good toward the service requirements for your industry degrees, such as the Master Photographer, Master Craftsman, and Master Artist degrees (etc.) As always, there is no additional fee for your merit. PPA members will automatically receive this benefit. (Please remember to provide your PPA membership number – you may email this to as at your convenience after you register.) For information regarding what merits are required for what degree, check out the PPA Merit Information.

Just imagine, you can now earn your “danglie” merits (industry-speak for shiny medal) while soaking in the Italian sun… sipping some Vino Rosso… touring the Colosseum… and working on some hard-core photography skills with Chris McLennan, Kim Larson, and Darton Drake!

Better still: You’ll probably be working on some great Merit Print’s while you’re in Italy, too! So maybe in addition to that service merit that PPA members will automatically get, you might even get a Print Merit or two from your next PPA Approved Print Competition! Who knows!? But it’s definitely possible.

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